We have defined a maturity model in order to be able to differentiate between good and bad interfaces. This is an important precondition for the movement to better interfaces by fostering a high demanding API culture.

Table of contents

  1. MUST Continuous improvement of API Maturity
  2. MUST APIs provide automated tests

MUST Continuous improvement of API Maturity

APIs must invest a continuous effort in increasing the maturity of an API according to the API Maturity Model. Maturity Model


Higher maturities of interfaces lead to lower costs due to …

  • higher speed in the development of API consumers.
  • higher reuse coefficient due to better understandability, quality and functional precision.

MUST APIs provide automated tests

An API must provide at least one staging environment with full functionality and close-to-production testdata.


A production-like testing environment increases …

  • speed in implementing new features in the API.
  • changeability and maintainability rates.
  • operational stability (e.g. less unknown side-effects).